What's On

At Yesu we seek to provide a wide range of excellent projects that serve our community and meet the various needs of the diverse people around us.

Many of our projects have been running successfully for years. This enables us to develop meaningful relationships, and provide consistent care and support to the many people we serve. Through our community cafe, kids and youth work, befriending, and support services we have served over 7,000 during the last year. See below for more specific details of our projects.

Parent support centre

Tues & Thurs 9.30-12.00.

A place where parents can gather to support each other and access a range of practical based workshops & information.

Dates Tues AM Drop in Workshop (9.30-12) Thurs AM Drop-in workshop (9.30-12)
Autumn Term 2 How to support your child with Reading Homework. PM Coffee and chat- cost effective ideas for Christmas How to support your child with Maths homework.
Spring Term 1 Managing Behaviours that challenge. PM Breast feeding café. Budgeting.
Spring Term 2 Sleep and bedtime routines. PM Breast feeding café. How to get the right support if you have, or feel you have, a child with SEND.
Summer Term 1 How we look after ourselves and our wellbeing. PM Breast feeding café. What is ADHD/ADD and how can you support children with this?
Summer Term 2 Supporting you to support your child with transition to new class / year / school. PM Breast feeding café. Practical ideas for supporting you with your child over the summer holidays and signposting to local events / activities.

Christmas Toy & Book Swap

Swop a pre loved book or toy. Please exchange one item at a time.

Open during Parent Support Centre opening times (Tues & Thurs 9.30-3.30).


Breastfeeding/Baby-feeding café

Thurs 1-3pm.
Come and relax with others and access advice and support about feeding your baby.

The Community Fridge

Tues-Fri 10:30 – 16:00.

For more info see our community fridge page.

The Uniform Swap Shop

Tues & Thurs 9am-4pm From 2nd Nov.