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We offer a signposting service and access to advice agencies on a range of issues such as:
drug awareness, debt, homelessness, unemployment, pregnancy advice, mental health, disability, benefits and parenting. Practical help is also available including a transport scheme, letter writing, budgeting, and CV writing. Partnership working protocols have been established with: Social Services; Pregnancy Choices, CAB and many others

Citizens Advice Drop In @ Yesu Sheringham

Thursday 10am-3pm fortnightly.

Sheringham High School Drop in

Wednesday Lunchtime (Fortnightly).

Equal Lives (disability benefits) @ Yesu Sheringham

Friday (appointments only – phone 01508 491210)

Educational Work

Picture of Lady using laptop.

Yesu places great importance on encouraging those that we work with to achieve various educational accreditation and qualifications. This can range from Open University Foundation courses for those considered to be non- achievers. Literacy, numeracy and basic computer skills are also in demand as is assistance to help people adapt, cooperate and conform sufficiently to benefit from more formal, structured interventions.

Advocacy Work

Many people have complex needs and find it difficult to respond to conventional intervention methods. Yesu tailors support to meet the needs of each individual which enables us to provide support to an extent which would not normally be achievable.

Community Work

Lady being served at Yesu counter.

This aspect of our work is simply about being there at various times in people’s lives, being able to offer support, a listening ear, someone who challenges, cajoles and is non-judgmental. It is also about having fun, eating food, having a place to go, and being visited by people who care.

For more information on any of the above please phone 01263 825516 or email mail@yesu.co.uk