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At Yesu we believe you are valued, special and important. We know that there are times when you just need someone to give you a helping hand. If you live in the Sheringham, Cromer or Holt area, the Yesu befrienders scheme is here for you. If you are ill, lonely, bereaved or simply need a break, why not consider having a befriender help you out?

For more information speak to Shelia Farrow on 01263 825516

These were some of the things we have been involved with:

People with mental health issues - listened to, supported during a crisis, taken out to coffee, played sport, gone on breaks, encouraged agoraphobics to make small positive changes.

Group shot of Befrienders

People struggling with drug and alcohol problems – encouraged, supported, given hope when others have given up on them, given dignity and respect sometimes for the first time.

Single mums – enabled and empowered to get into further education and ‘back to work courses’, supported and facilitated them to work with other agencies especially when the family are involved with Social Services and some cases when the children have been taken into care. Encouraged, cajoled, loved, supported, offered hope, kept the peace, calmed volatile situations, taken children to school, parties, clubs etc. Ironed, washed floors, knitted baby and dolls clothes, shopped, cleaned kitchens, played with children, helped with homework, taken to tots groups, helped with cooking, listened. Offered discipline strategies, worked with children helping with behavioural problems.

Young people – arranged visits to agencies, helped with homelessness issues, collected and delivered furniture and household goods, encouraged social and life skills, supported teenage girls during pregnancy, tried to find youngsters when they ‘do a runner’. Played pool and fed them when they were hungry.

Befriending is the way forward to get alongside hurting people. This is a work which is limited only by the number of trained befrienders that we have available. 

What people have said about Befrienders

  • It’s a 'lifeline'
  • I enjoy the companionship and feel I have a 'band of brothers and sisters'
  • A place where I have built friends who are helpful and supportive
  • Befrienders has helped me grow in confidence
  • l find the volunteers are so kind, sincere and genuine and I soon felt an instant relief every time I walked through the door
  • I look forward all week to a few hours of support, sharing and developing friendships, it was lovely to feel I wasn’t alone in my struggle with my mental health problems
  • I feel we are part of a family, a really special family
  • Unconditional acceptance is hard to find but its what I feel here

Contact us if you would like help.